Pendray's Corn Maze: Last day of the Season, Sunday Oct 28th (10am - 8pm)

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Pendray's Corn Maze 2018

LAST DAY OF THE SEASON = Sunday, Oct 28th, 10 am - 8 pm.

COSTUMES: Scary costumes, make-up, masks, or utensils are absolutely forbidden. You will be denied entry or asked to leave the property. Masks of all kinds are absolutely prohibited. Happy friendly costumes are permitted for children only. 


Ages 0-2: FREE

Ages 3-12: $6 (tax included)

Ages 13 and above: $14 (tax included)

GROUP RATES = 10% discount for groups greater than 10. 

Admission includes all maze games, all mazes, and all attractions (see the list of attractions below)

LOCATION: 9537 W Saanich Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 5H1


ACCEPTED MODES OF PAYMENT: cash, debit, and credit card

DOGS and PETS = Not allowed (read the explanation why not below)

FAMILY PACKAGE = Not available (read why below)


- Small maze (~2km in trails) = 30 mins to an hour to complete

- Large maze ( 6km in trails) = 1 hour to 3 hours to complete

- Walking trail (~ 1km long) = 15-20 min walk

- Corn Pit = All ages (7 tonnes of corn to relax and play)

- Barrel-train ride = Not running on Sunday Oct 28th due to heavy rain on Saturday Oct 27th.

- Tire playground = All ages

- Maze games: game of clue; Llama challenge; Corn Riddle; Farm riddle

----- Detailed descriptions below--- 


The main entrance is divided into six different trails. Four of these trails, take you into our smaller maze (dog & rooster).  The remaining two trails take you deeper into the maze where we have placed 16 reference points for guidance. 

There is a "Walking trail" (~1km long) that goes around the maze but is not connected to the maze. It is great for a nice 15 min walk.

There are hidden game stations within the maze that are not posted on this map. Can you find them? 

To complete games in the small maze (dog & rooster) will take about 20 mins to an hour. Games in the larger maze can take up to two hours. Up for the challenge?

We can't wait to have you all here and introduce the new games we have created!!

Save the map on your phone. Help us reduce paper waste this year :-)


The reason behind this is that dogs and other house animals can be vectors of zoonotic parasites. Pendray farms is a dairy farm and we must take all measures to protect our herd from exposure to parasites. If a large number of dogs and other pets are allowed into the maze, the number of zoonotic parasites can increase significantly at the farm posing a risk to our dairy herd. Therefore we cannot allow dogs and other pets to enter our property. If you have any questions about this, please talk to Dr. Alex Ardila Garcia, UBC Ph.D. in genetics and diversity of animal-infecting parasites. Dr. Alex Ardila Garcia is at the maze every time we open the maze and he will be pleased to address your questions. Recommended reading:

A second reason not to allow dogs in the maze is that some people are allergic to dogs or are scared of dogs and other pets. We aim to make Pendray's Corn Maze a place accessible to everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

FAMILY PACKAGE = Not available

The reason not to make a family package available is that family units can vary considerably in size (number of individuals). Therefore, it is not practical to make a single family package or multiple family packages that would address such variation.


If not, please send your question via messenger, post it below, or call us at 778-584-2538.

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Pendray's Meats

Locally grown and grass-fed Angus beef. Top quality flavor and tenderness at an affordable price!

Order Pendray's Angus beaf for your summer BBQs or to share with your family, friends, and collegues. 

Pendray's Manure

Pendray's manure can be purchased in bags or by the yard.

Our customers often tells us that we sell the best (s***) manure around. 100% top quality manure without wood chips.

Stop by to pick-up manure bags at 9437 W. Saanich Rd., North Saanich, or call us to purchase by the yard and arrange pick up. 

Our Hay, Our Cows, and Our Story

Pendray's Hay

Top quality second-cut hay is now available for purchase. 

Pendray's Holstein Dairy Cows

Top quality registered Holstein dairy calves and cows to start or improve your herd.

The Pendray Pioneers in Early Victoria, British Columbia by Phil Manning (1983).

Farming at Pendray Farms

Fifth generation dairy farmers from North Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Cover Image: "The Pendray Pioneers in Early Victoria, British Columbia" by Phyl Manning (1983). 

Pendray's Meats: Packages and Deals

Pendray's Angus Beef

Our Angus animals are grown locally at our farm located in North Saanich, British Columbia. The combination of a grass-fed only diet and our flat pastures result in top quality flavor and tenderness. Order now at

Side Share (75 lbs) $549.00

Perfect size to share with your relatives, family, and friends or stock your freezer for the spring and winter.

Each Side Share includes 40 pounds of lean ground Angus beef and 35 pounds of Angus beef cuts from the following sections: round, sirloin, loin, rib, chuck, shanks, flank, and brisket. 

Hind Share (45 lbs) $299.00

Ideal size for making every summer BBQs a memorable experience for family and friends.

Each Hind Share includes 20 pounds of lean ground Angus beef and 25 pounds of Angus beef cuts from the following sections: round, sirloin, loin, shank, and flank. 

Front Share (45 lbs) $269.00

Excellent affordable share for summer BBQs with relatives and friends.

Each Front Share includes 20 pounds of lean ground Angus beef and 25 pounds of Angus beef cuts from the following sections: rib, chuck, shank, and brisket. 

Whole Side (350 lbs) $2,360.00 (10% off)

The perfect size to secure your top quality Angus beef for the year. Stock up your freezer or divide your side with family, friends, or colleges. We will contact you for cutting instructions. 

How to order & meat storage

How to Order?

To place orders and inquiries contact us at

Meet Storage?

Ensure that you have sufficient freezer storage space before placing an order.  Returns will not be accepted. Pendray Farms is not liable for the loss of meat if customers do not have proper storage available once the order is placed.    


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Pendray's Corn Maze

Last day of the season: Sunday Oct 28th

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